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Enjoy Higher Pay Package Benefits from Part Time Courses

Enjoy Higher Pay Package Benefits from Part Time Courses

Are you aware of the fact that part-time students are now enjoying higher pay packages, adopting new skills and meeting greater responsibilities at their respective workplaces?

part-time-courses according to researches, the Higher Education Careers Services Unit (HECSU) and the Department of Business, Skills and Innovation found that about 69% of the part-time undergraduates have acquired supreme confidence at work and have even come up with impressive job performances. Out of them, 29% of the students have received pleasant hikes in their pay packages while 28% have got a promotion.

From another survey made by a group of university professors, it was found that there were surprisingly 81% of the part-time students who underwent exceptional changes in their personal development while 70% were recorded to have benefited from self-confidence.

HECSU’s director, Jane Artess said that the above survey reports revealed the growing importance of part-time courses. He further opined that if there were an efficient way to update the skills of an ordinary individual, it would be none other than a part-time course. So, it’s essential for almost every school, college and university to keep investing behind part-time classes so that potential individuals can be produced out of them. Today, part-time students can access student loans which they are not required to repay until they earn £21,000 on an annual basis.

Impact of online education on part-timers

With the omnipresence of the internet, people all over the world have received countless advantages, and online education is indeed one of them. In fact, this has been the responsible factor that has led to a considerable number of part-time students to successful career paths. This learning medium has indeed prevented part-timers from paying exorbitantly by introducing virtual classes and establishing e-libraries. Reports say that e-textbooks have resulted in substantial savings for many part-time undergraduates as well as postgraduates who would have otherwise ended up paying over £85 per year.

How are working professionals benefitting online?

According to a reputed college, online education is the biggest and probably the most powerful resource that helps working professionals receive skills desired by many employers today. So, here are a few benefits that a working professional will always prefer to enjoy while learning online:

Freedom to learn – Unlike classroom learning, you get the freedom to learn at your own pace online. Of course, if you work for almost 8 hours a day, how could it be possible for you to attend daily classes, isn’t it? Here lies the super advantage of studying online for a working employee.

New skills to learn – Will you get the opportunity to utilise audio-visual aids; learn through electronic whiteboards and use interactive forums to get into discussions with your teachers in a brick-and-mortar classroom? You know the answer, right? Taking online classes will let you enjoy all these facilities and will instead help you sharpen your communication skills.

Opportunity to study under UK universities – Believe it or not, UK universities are now giving students and working professionals the opportunity to explore a wide range of courses online from any corner of the world. Reports say that 78% of the international students enrol every year in the UK universities out of which the majority are part-time workers.

In other words, the demand for studying part-time study courses from online universities is on the rise. Many academicians today have been led to believe that a lot of traditional institutions might be compelled to shut down, in the long run, owing to the rapid developments in online education. In this respect, the part-timers are the one who will be progressing and reigning with confidence in this digital world.