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Dismissing the Myths about Online Education

Dismissing the Myths about Online Education

The subject of the credibility of the internet as a viable platform for education and the attainment of qualifications is an ongoing debate. Here are just some of the reasons why distance learning is a popular choice for an increasing number of people;

1. The E-Learning Advantage

Many people find the learning conditions of an online course more favourable than the traditional classroom environment for many reasons;

• You can work from virtually anywhere
• You can study at your own pace
• You have more control over your environment
• There are limited distractions
• You can tend to your commitments as they arise
• You don’t waste time commuting or getting from one class to another
• Mature students do not always want to study with younger students

2. The Professional Advantage online education

Obtaining an online degree can be professionally advantageous for several reasons;

• Online courses are flexible which enables working people to study
• Most employers now recognise and acknowledge the validity of online qualifications
• The successful completion of online courses is indicative of other qualities that are favourable to employers such as self-discipline, commitment and motivation

3. Teaching Methods

People believe that online courses are not a good option due to the physical absence of a tutor to guide and motivate the students however this is not the case;

• Experienced tutors and professors well manage online classes
• Some online providers offer live chats for students who require assistance
• There are peer networking sites where students can get advice and support almost 24/7

4. Financial Benefits
There are a range of savings to be made through the pursuit of online rather than on-campus studies;
• Institutions earn a significant saving through the provision of online courses and pass these savings on to their distance learning students
• In the absence of on-campus costs savings can be made on accommodation, transport and parking costs
• Childcare costs are significantly reduced if not avoided altogether
• Online resources can reduce the number of core texts required

5. EcoLogic
E-Learning is favourable to the Environment also –
• No transport means there are no fuel requirements
• No classroom means no heating or maintenance
• Online resources mean fewer books are required
• Emails result in less printing and paper use

6. Facts and Figures
• 40% of students take more than six years to graduate
• The average debt was around £53,000 in 2012
• Graduate under/underemployment rates was higher than 50% in 2011
• In 2011 more than 75% of American Corporations were using online learning
• E-learning can improve information retention by bringing the level from 25% to 60%

As people are becoming more aware of the significant advantages of online learning as opposed to the more traditional approach its popularity is increasing at a steady rate. It is presumable that in the future e-learning will replace a lot of the courses that take place within universities and other learning institutions.