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Computer Training

Much of the diagnostic and formative assessment can be informal given through feedback on students’ work and in tutorials in online computer training courses. Peer assessment may also be a useful tool for determining progress. It may be desirable to build more formal assessment points into the class as well. Any activity that has an outcome that can be measured objectively could be used for such an assessment. The software is available to help you construct such assessment activities as quizzes or multiple-choice tests which can give an immediate automated response.

The summative assessments may depend on the requirements of an external body. There may be a final examination, for example, or a condition that the learner produces a portfolio, of course, works to particular specification. If you as a tutor are at liberty to determine what constitutes the summative assessment, then you will have already decided which are the key activities that will evidence achievement when you were establishing the assessment criteria.

When determining what work is to be assessed the questions to ask are:

* Will this assessment provide me with the information I need about a student’s progress towards achievement of the course’s learning outcomes?
* Is the method of assessing the best way of harvesting this information?
* Is this assessment a useful exercise from the student’s point of view – does it reinforce or extend skills, knowledge or understanding? Will it increase the student’s confidence and independence?
* Is this assessment going to contribute to the student’s final mark or qualification on the course?
* Is this assessment essential?